Ways To Pay

Session Pricing


75 Minute Couples Session


75 Minute Individual Session


60 Minute Individual Session


EFT with Couples

Payment Options

I accept cash, check, and credit card payments.  Fees are due at time of service, and I do not contract with insurance companies.  I can provide you with documentation of your sessions for you to submit to your insurance company, and they may reimburse you for part or all of the services.  Reimbursement varies greatly between insurance companies and plans.

It is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider about their reimbursement policies, but I can help provide you with a list of the questions you should ask them so that you can estimate how much they may reimburse you.  Keep in mind that insurance companies typically do not provide any benefits for couples counseling and they will not reimburse without a mental health diagnosis.​ 

Health or Flex Savings Accounts

This is an excellent way to pay for counseling!  In most cases, you can use your HSA/FSA card to pay for your counseling services.  You should check with your HSA/FSA provider to ensure they consider counseling an approved expense.

Using your EAP Benefits

I do not contract directly with EAP providers, but some EAP providers will reimburse you for my services if you submit the appropriate documentation.  Please ask me about this and I can provide you with a list of questions to ask your EAP provider so you can determine if/how much they will reimburse you.