Natalie Thomson, MS, LCPC

EFT Couples Intensives

An EFT intensive is a highly concentrated form of couples therapy.  I hold 2-day Intensives, and we average about 12 hours of therapy over the course of those 2 days.  With a skilled therapist, all emotionally-focused couples therapy has the potential to transform your relationship.  The advantage of the intensive format is that you’re accomplishing 10-12 sessions worth within 2-days!  

Please note: This format is not for every couple, and it is not usually a one-and-done fix for all marriage problems.  Even in weekly therapy, 10-12 sessions is going to achieve different results with different couples.  Please read through all the information I provide on intensives, follow-up care, and what couples are good candidates before filling out the inquiry form.  

Is an Intensive Right For Us?

EFT intensives can be extremely rewarding but are not the right treatment format for every couple.  There are some key factors to help decide whether an EFT intensive might be what you’re looking for.

Intensive Roadmap

Here’s where you can get familiar with the entire intensive process – from our first contact all the way through follow-up care.

Follow-up Work & Alternative Resources

The effects of an EFT intensive last longest when couples commit to follow-up work.  Also, some couples will not be selected for an intensive because it’s not the right format for their relationship at this time.  There are many alternative and follow-up treatment options that I can recommend.

EFT Couples Intensive Inquiry Form

This form is only for couples interested in completing a 2-day EFT Intensive with me. I am not taking new couples for weekly therapy and will not be able to respond to inquiries about weekly couples therapy. Please see my FAQ page for resources on finding a couples therapist who may be able to see you for weekly therapy.