Natalie Thomson, MS, LCPC

Supervision For Therapists

Have you realized how hard it is to find a couples therapist taking new clients in Idaho?

With the population growth and limited specialists available to train the next generation of specialists, the demand for skilled couples therapists far exceeds the supply in our state.  I hope to help make a dent in that problem by helping supervise and train therapists who have an interest in learning or specializing in the unique practice that is couples therapy.

My Supervisees Are:

• Practicing professionals who want to transition from generalist practice and train in a specialty area of counseling
• Newly licensed professionals who want to work toward the higher, clinical level of licensure in Idaho
• Counselors who have an interest in and talent for working with couples but need more formal training and supervision in the practice

Supervisee Qualifications:

I work with supervisees who hold a basic counseling, social work, or therapist license in the state of Idaho and want to pursue higher licensure (for example, an LPC wanting to work toward LCPC or LMSW wanting to work toward LCSW). I do not provide supervision for unlicensed counselors (such as counseling students) at this time. I am also happy to provide supervision to licensed counselors who are not pursuing additional licensure and are only seeking to develop or enhance their skills in working with couples.

My supervisees will be counselors/therapists interested in advancing their skills in the area of couples therapy using the Emotionally Focused Therapy model. I can work with supervisees who do not yet specialize in couples, but my primary goal in being a supervisor is to expand and advance the practice of skilled couples therapy in Idaho. Thus, a supervisee interested in working with me should at least have the goal of transitioning a large portion of their caseload to couples therapy over the course of their work with me. I will still provide supervision of counselors’ work with their individual clients in the context of our overall focus on couples therapy training and supervision.

My Qualifications:

• Registered Supervisor, State of Idaho
• Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, State of Idaho
Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist, granted by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

As your supervisor, I will offer you:

Focus – We will spend our time in a meaningful way that provides you with a clear sense of progressing in your work. I aim to give specific, clear, and relevant feedback so you’re not left wondering whether you’re growing in your practice.
Skill – Becoming a Certified EFT therapist, I spent many hours being supervised and trained by highly skilled EFT therapists from around the world. I continue to meet with EFT trainers to enhance my skills and stay fresh in my practice of EFT. As my supervisee, you will get the benefit of my own knowledge and skill in EFT as well as the wisdom and expertise of the EFT supervisors who trained me.
Warmth – Supervision should be an encouraging process and one where you feel safe to share about your less confident or skilled moments in the therapist chair. To do this, most supervisees need to feel that their supervisor likes, understands, and cares about them. I aim to create a warm, trusting professional relationship where my supervisees can become more confident in themselves as therapists based on being their authentic selves in the supervision process.
Guidance in advancing your EFT training – I am happy to guide supervisees wishing to advance their EFT training or become certified in the model. Hours of supervision with me will not count toward your ICEEFT certification at this time, but I can help prepare you so that you have a step-up when you are ready for your official EFT supervision toward becoming certified.

Supervision Rates:

My rate for 1 hour of supervision is $90.
Supervisees may ask to book 2 hours at a time for days where you will be showing me video – that way we can watch large portions of your video AND have time to discuss cases.

I use a licensed version of Zoom to provide virtual supervision sessions. I have limited opportunities for local in-person meetings; in-person meetings will take place in your office on days where I am available to do so, and the fee for in-person meetings is $120/hour.

Note to non-LPCs: Counselors pursuing advanced licensure in social work and marriage and family therapy will need to verify the rule and law for their licensing; as of the date this is written, MFT and LCSW candidates can obtain a certain number of supervised hours under an LCPC, but will need to obtain the remainder of their supervised hours under a supervisor with their specific license-type.

Supervision Inquiry Form

This form is only for licensed counselors seeking supervision. If you are a prospective client, please go to this page to see whether I am taking new clients at this time.

Supervision Inquiry