Counseling for First Responders

PTSD Counseling in BoiseIf you work in law enforcement or another emergency response profession, you have a unique, exciting, and stressful job.  All jobs come with stress, but yours is different.  You tend to encounter people in their worst moments and you’re routinely faced with crisis, injury, and death.

People who experience trauma and crisis in their work are more likely to struggle in their family relationships.  And research shows that marital and family distress worsen symptoms of stress and trauma.

But there is reason for hope.  The realities of your job won’t change, but the quality of your life and relationships can.  Research indicates that people with strong bonds in their primary relationships deal with stress and trauma more effectively.  To help clients achieve this, I use an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy that you can read about here.

First Responders Counseling Boise